Donnington BSB

Donnington BSB
Well some of the road guys out there this weekend

Good to see Guy Martin, Dan Kneen mixing it, also Hutchy (Who needs to get his mojo back, and I know he will). A few other decent TT riders out there, earning their corn, and their mountain course licence of course  No Dunlop’s, c**mins or JMG which is a shame, would love to see them at more BSB meetings, but its not cheap! Even on SS or stock bikes.

Very competitive with quite a few SS riders as fast as the top 13 in BSB, which is amazing at Donny. Even Chris walker is several seconds slower than the fast SS boys (And girls). OK only FP today, not too warm, was wet here (I’m about 30 miles away) in the morning, so not perfect conditions I doubt.

Looking at the top riders uping their game tomorrow and Sunday, but will be looking to support the TT riders here anyway

Have all the live times on the internet, which is cool, and the TV Sunday and Monday  I’ve put monitors up on the wall in the workshop, and used several old PC’s to get some “Pit garage” atmosphere  Would love to have gone this weekend, but DIY beckons  
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